The news lately is bone crushing.

It is crack of dawn and I am news surfing and shedding tears.

The military deaths in Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover, the Caldor fire infiltrating South Lake Tahoe with 22,000 homes in jeopardy, Covid catching its second turbulent wind, hurricane devastation in Louisiana, climate crisis affecting every part of the country, the California recall with reports that the Trump republicans may well turn California into Florida.

Texas passing the most restrictive voting bill, homelessness rampant, Social Security is projected to run out in 2033 and the FBI just released 2020 hate crime statistics and 57.5% of all religious hate crimes were targeted at Jews who make up less than 2% of the U.S. population.

Full retreat to Coronaville. Makes you want to hunker down.

Seriously, what can one do?!

Vote, donate, wear a mask, vaccinate, get involved and be kind.


Photo:Edward Munch


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