Work It…


Are you feeling me?!

I decided to branch out on a rainy Tuesday and hit up a new exercise class as much for mental focus as exercise.

Body Conditioning.

I read the description and it stated no cardio with an emphasis on strengthening and fine-tuning major muscle groups using various equipment.

Grandmother arms prevention…sign me up.

Liar, liar pants on fire.

I sweated until I dropped.

60 minutes of planks, lunges, high step platform routines so rigorous I thought I was back in West Hollywood, taking Jane Fonda’s aerobic class in my high top red Reeboks.

Motivated by hatred for the class I came home, whipped up a veggie stir fry and attacked every closet and drawer in my home.

I needed to find my core which was overworked in class, but was emotionally screaming to be centered.

I find that I function better when everything is neat, clean and totally organized.

I went to bed exhausted, thinking I had eliminated my scattered state of mind and rediscovered my core (on many levels), but honestly I was too tired to be sure.



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