Wooden It Be Loverly…

Now that we have purged some of the toxic Orange gases out of our battered bodies here’s a twist of fate to add a little sunshine to your boarded-up life.

Most recently, the anxiety surrounding Election Day and post-election unrest compelled many businesses across the country to cover their windows with plywood.

Waste not, Los Angeles is leading the way to help turn the plywood into something positive for the community.

The Call of the Wild was heard!

The California Wildlife Center put out a call to businesses, offering to collect the boards and turn the organization into a politically correct hoarder.

They nailed it and saved the plywood from going into the waste stream.

The Wildlife Center plans to repurpose the wood to build enclosures…so instead of shutting people out they are building welcoming homes for marine mammals and any other animal-related projects.

A group that builds shelters for pantries is also interested so the wood will be shared…people getting along and sharing without AK-47 intimidation.

What a novel concept.

And, in the no surprise category, prices for new plywood have shot up along with toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes.

Talk about a productive bi-partisan solution…the action prevents trees from going into landfills, stalls more trees from being cut down, saves money and provides housing for animals.

Positivity…such a foreign yet welcome new feeling!


*image: Facebook.com

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  1. Oh I love this. It helps my battered mind and spirit. Thank s for sharing this

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