Won’t You Be My Friendy…


I often have stimulating conversations waiting in line for coffee, tickets and dining in restaurants.

Random encounters have sometimes led to friendships.

Curious that I live in several different places and have formed very few friendships living in close proximity to others.

Residing in big cities, residents tend to keep to themselves, enjoying anonymity.

Neighborhood bonds do not necessarily bind.

My family lived in the same suburban ‘hood for over 65 years and neighbors were both a blessing and a curse.


Familiarity often breeds contempt.

The flip side, humans can sometimes surprise you with thoughtfulness and kindness.

Finding a good friend is analogous to dating.

Here’s a call to action.

If you are interesting, adventurous, kind, compassionate, bright, enjoy the theater, good food, an Agent Orange hater of voting age, please reach out…being a NY sports fan is also an asset as are long walks on the beach and shooting the shit over a cappuccino or adult beverage 😜

My welfare is at stake as science has determined that having friends is good for your health.

I have found that they can just as likely make you sick.

I remain an optimist.

I still believe the NY Yankees will win the World Series, Agent Orange will be impeached and Gucci will have a 50% off handbags and shoes sale.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    I’m you’re friend for sure (even though I join David in not being s sports fan!). I can check every other criteria. Flying home now. Let’s play soon. Kisses.

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