Won’t You Be My Bestie…

I really wanted a hamburger, but I ordered the organic garden salad.

Jennifer Garner was sitting next to me at lunch yesterday.

She is so damn beautiful…no make up, ponytail on the very top of her head as opposed to the stylish pony.

Those dimples.

She displayed signs of being a super mom as she was there with her three kids.

Can you believe she was a chemistry major at Denison University.

As with Adele, I have a girl crush and it took a lot for me not to ask her if we could be besties…she was soooo close.

She bakes for her kids and she devotes time and energy to Save The Children, fighting rural poverty.

So I ate my salad and went home and tried the pony on top of my head look…even put on the same Gucci sneakers Jen was wearing.

I was motivated to take my Capital One credit card and get some dimple implants, but bottom line, I am actually okay with who I am.

But, still, Jennifer Garner is all that.

*photo: eonline.com

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