Winds Of Change…

In my prior life I never stayed home.

And then I moved into Coronaville.

Besides hiking and a random appointment, going out during the week is an anomaly.

No more Equinox membership, ladies who lunch, shopping, theater.

Last Friday I was in West Hollywood early and it was a beautiful day.

I put the top down on the car and took city streets home as I was in my vintage VW convertible.

I just never feel protected against reckless speed demons on the California freeways in a car made before safety nets were standard on automobiles.

I drove down Robertson, through Beverly Hills and drove by the mansions in the flats.

Pre 2020, I would have parked and strolled Rodeo and paid homage at Barney’s and Neiman Marcus, Gucci.

Barney’s is no longer and I must admit the retail therapy feeling is gone.

Where do I go anymore that you cannot wear workout clothes or jeans?!

I drove down Montana and through Santa Monica.

I did not make even one stop plus I had just paid $6.09 a gallon for gas so I was conscious of adding random mileage.

My world has become smaller.

I have not forsaken my mask and believe that due to financial and political pressures, we have rushed back to normalcy even though another Covid variant is lurking.

Change is constant and even though my days are similar everything seems different.

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  1. Ellie lupo says:

    Oh how I miss my VW bug!!had two actually—-a new black one ands pre-owned powder blue. Am still wearing my mask and am really careful where I go and where I do not. Did start back to teaching masked. Has opened up my world somewhat. Has given me back a feeling of porpoise. Has been tough and “Normal” who knows when

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