Will I…


Yesterday was an adult day.

After my mother’s passing and all the legal crap I am still dealing with, we had a come to Jesus moment and slipped into our respective big boy jockeys and big girl panties.

Plus, our daughter gave us a reality check and asked if our will was updated having witnessed all that I have recently gone through.

It’s unnerving to make certain life decisions.

Resuscitate or let it go, let it go?

Cremate or burial?

If you want to be preserved, where are you buried and do you pay for your funeral on layaway?!

Ash scattering…NY Giants stadium or a beach in the Caribbean?

Who takes care of the dogs?

Do I like anyone enough to entrust my beloved dogs to them?

Our lawyer was great and we discussed death, taxes, trusts and to lighten the mood we talked sports and Broadway.

The will is signed, sealed and delivered.

Scratch it off of the To Do list…never  to be talked about again unless I have another child!

I swear on my life…

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