America, Come Together…


Reality bites especially after a vacation.

Irma met me at baggage claim and provided an emotionally bumpy ride back to the real world.She then swept up Queen E. in Florida and created a turbulent five days.

Thankfully, my mom is back home, damage free, relatively happy and healthy.

One thing for sure, the world is filled with uncertainty.

Ahhh, the vagaries of life.

I don’t know if we can totally blame Trump for all the present uncertainty, but he has contributed greatly since the country went rogue and put him in the White House.

Trump has opened the floodgates to racism, anti-semitism and hatred.

Agent Orange along with Putin, President  Maduro of Venezuela, Zuma in South Africa, Kim Jong-un, the man/child dictator in North Korea, to name just a few of the dangerous leaders of the world, have actively stirred the pot of insanity.

Mother Nature is pissed off, flailing about raining down terror on earth through nuclear hurricanes, tornados, monsoons, seismic earthquakes, famine, ravaging fires and climate change.

The streets are filled with frustrated, angry people.

One bright note is that Americans always rise to the occasion when desperately needed to contribute to these natural disasters as in Florida and Texas.

I watched the celebrity driven telethon, Hand In Hand, last night.

It gave me hope, realizing no matter color or religion, political party affiliation, we are one.

In just one hour, over 14 million dollars was raised.

This is a notable start.

We need to collectively hunker down, get our priorities straight and try to come together peacefully to calm the turbulent waters.

This is what makes America Great…togetherness not dissension.


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