Who Is Paying For These Children of A Lesser God…

Why are we paying for the Mason family to go to Europe with Big Daddy and his Slovenian Barbie who by the way, appeared to be stylistically copying Meghan Markle?

That woman never has an original thought.

Children are starving in America and we have to spend our hard earned tax dollars on feeding that sycophantic cult who have no reason to attend an official state dinner on behalf of the United States.

When I saw Ivanka scooting out of 10 Downing Street after the meeting between Agent Orange and Theresa May concluded, I was outraged.

Was it a meeting trying to entice Prime Minister May, who will be out of a job in the very near future, to be CEO of a rogue clothing line that will produce cheap shoes and ties in China and Bangladesh.

Why the hell is she there unless she was pouring the tea.


Does it gall anyone else the way Humpty Trumpty acts as lord of the manor in every situation?

He waves his arm like Vanna White when she introduces a new phrase, indicating his need to control and dictate the situation.

Did Tiffany Trump not receive the dress code memo instead showing up looking like an extra on the set of, Gone With The Wind?

I have no words.

Please, make them all go away.

tRUMP after snacking on members of the Royal family


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  1. That is a very good question!

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