Who Doesn’t Love A Quickie…

Quick and satisfying.

Just the way I like it.

That’s what draws me to KazuNori, the ingenious and delicious original hand roll bar from the Sugarfish brain trust.

I cannot tell a lie.

Sugarfish is not my go to sushi restaurant.

The takeout boxes are adorable and the sauces appealing, but I have indulged in way better sushi.

KazuNori, on the other hand, never misses the mark and is my quickie dine solo go to place in NYC and Los Angeles.

Menus and Pencils

The rolls are handed to you one at a time and meant to be consumed immediately while the outstanding seaweed is crispy and the rice warm and flavorful.

Yesterday, New Zealand Sea Bream was on the menu.

Timing is everything.

I waited 20 minutes for a solo seat at the U shaped bar.

Recently, on a Sunday night in Santa Monica, a wait for three at 8pm was 30 minutes.

Alcohol is now served at all the locations and ginger and wasabi accompany the rolls.

I enjoy watching the hand roll makers grind out roll after roll.

My usual is the four hand rolls, consisting of Toro, Yellowtail, New Zealand Sea Bream and Crab which I substitute for Scallop…salmon and lobster are also on the menu.

NYC prices as always are higher…$18 for 4 rolls with tip included, $15 for the identical meal in LA.

If there is a competition I would say the LA KazuNori has a slight taste edge over New York.

There are five locations, four in LA and one in the NoMad neighborhood in NYC.

For a deliciously pleasurable, inexpensive meal, try KazuNori.

KazuNori 15 West 28th Street New York City. Open Monday-Thursday 11:30am-11pm, Friday and Saturday 11:30am-Midnight, Sunday noon-10pm.

KazuNori 120 Broadway Santa Monica, California. Also in Downtown LA, Westwood and  Mid-Wilshire .

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