Where Am I…


I have severe jet lag and I can’t get up.

I’m feeling spicy.

After a 15 hour flight I feel suspended in an alternate universe.

Our flight departed Israel at 1:30am on Tuesday morning and landed in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning at 6am so I have had a very full June 19th.

The flight was endless.

I would like to thank El Al for their inedible food, arcane entertainment system that literally offered eight movies, 4 in hebrew with no English translation and 4 that were from the outbound flight.

Entertaining oneself for 15 hours without food and distractions is quite painful…like an all day dental appointment.

Add to that the gaseous passenger who had regular emissions and the entire flight stunk.

The best part is that we landed safely.

I forgot what it is like to have to check our carry on…the agent said we were 5 kilos overweight.

We had to wait 30 minutes for our luggage and then stand in line at Customs.

Anyway, home, unpacked, 3 loads completed and now the challenge of staying awake until 8pm Pacific Time.

The price one pays for having fun.

As I was passing out at 7pm, my mother’s aide called to say she was feeling ill and  she was being taken to the hospital.

Now that is a wake up call.

Welcome back to reality.

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