Whatever, Biatch…


Women are such bitches.

I had a “nice” friendship with a woman I found mildly interesting. My perception was that she was down to earth and real.

Little did I know that she turned into a vindictive “C” when challenged.

There was an unpleasant peripheral occurrence and on the day this happened I ran into her at a restaurant she had told me she disliked multiple times. She felt the need to tell me since I had reviewed it on my blog.

I was cordial, but not my usual warm and fuzzy…nothing overtly offensive, just not my standard effusive, caring behavior.

I never heard from her again until yesterday when she unsubscribed to my blog and unfriended me on Facebook.

I found it laughable. If she thinks the display of immature behavior would hurt me, she is completely wrong.

I assume we all have the potential to regress and adopt middle school behavior, but come on she is a middle-aged mother. Is her credo, I am going to shut you down and out?

Isn’t that just tres childish?!

Call me crazy, but when something out of the ordinary occurs with a “friend” I reach out….meet and hash it out.

In this day and age it is so easy to avoid personal interaction. The beauty of email and texting is that you can ask a simple question without direct confrontation if you can’t stomach  a face to face.

Better I find out now what she is really about rather than investing more time and energy.

Another life lesson in keeping it real and connecting with the “F” word…Forgiveness.

Ask yourself, can anyone ever handle the truth…no matter how politically correct the message is conveyed?

A little humility goes a long way.


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  1. Well said Toby!!!!!

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