What A Wreck…

Stalled and deterred by nasty Los Angeles traffic.

I was supposed to rendezvous with my dear friendie Cathy.

We we’re meeting in the middle and my mission was to drive to downtown Los Angeles.

I woke up early, washed the sheets, did a spin class, washed and blew out my hair and dressed for success which is still a novelty in Coronaville.

I was unsuccessful because as I closed the door I checked Waze and there was a huge delay due to a car accident on the 10.

In California that spells disaster. Thus, our lunch plans were dashed.

So I hung up my clothes, put on my leggings and turned on MSNBC to check in on the world.

If I thought a wreck on Interstate 10 spelled disaster then all I needed to do was hear what the Ukrainians were experiencing now that the dastardly Putin was playing hard ball.

Then the reporter cut to a trump radio interview where he praised Putin’s intellect, calling his moves genius and “very savvy”. Agent Orange was all aglow with love and admiration for his Angel of Desth.

This scenario is like watching the Housewives of New Jersey. What a bunch of irrational, unattractive lunatics who often resort to bullying and table flipping.

Putin is taunting the world and engaging in potential WWIII rhetoric.

Ukrainian parents are being ordered to place stickers on their children’s clothing as they leave for school with their blood types written on the sticker.

There is a projected mass exodus of up to 5 million people flowing into Poland, Hungary and Slovakia which is the largest movement of humans since WWII.

Kudos to President Biden, Germany, Great Britain and the NATO allies for being united and collectively and aggressively proactive.

This sure puts my traffic issue into perspective.


Photo: Santa Monica Daily Press

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  1. it is awful! for anyone in our country or the free world to say this iscorrect ( even Trump) is unbelievable

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