What A Mutha Of A Day…

I woke up yesterday to breakfast in bed.

It was all uphill from there…you cannot beat someone else making you breakfast.

My baby daddy whisked me off to Santa Barbara for a spa day.

The weather was perfect and we cruised up a traffic free PCH.


We arrived at the picturesque Bacara Resort and secured a prime spot by the pool with a full view of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

We relaxed and read until it was time to depart for my 90 minute deep tissue massage.

Bacara Spa

The 1000 thread count sheets enveloped me while Terence provided me with one of  the best massages I have ever experienced..

After I achieve total bliss I floated into the sauna and practically lost consciousness I was so relaxed.

Lunch awaited me with a glass of sparkling rose and yet another divine water view.

Kali Salad

We then took a hike and collapsed, satiated and guilt free back where we started.

Reality struck late afternoon and we headed back to LA for an 8pm dinner reservation at Felix in Venice, the trending new restaurant on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Gifts were bestowed.

The day was perfection, but what is beyond perfection is my incredibly thoughtful and creative husband and my amazing daughter.

Hope all you biatches had the time of your life.

Personally, I think all the fantastic, multitasking Mothers should be celebrated every single day.

If a mother was running the country we would all be sleeping better.

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