We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

Short fuse.


It appears to be reaching epidemic proportions.

That must be the reason why people on the streets are such douche bags lately.

Saturday, David and I were standing on the corner of 67th and Columbus.

A millennial couple strolled by.

He had on Ray Ban Aviators, slicked back hair, driving shoes sans socks.

She suffered from camel claw in too short shorts.

Her midriff revealing sheer blouse billowed in the breeze.

Her way too high Aldo espadrilles caused her to literally fall into my husband.

She gave David a disgusted look and moved on.

The Pat Riley clone turned and apologized.

I graciously and in all honesty, nonsarcastically said, “Thank you for saying that.”

He abruptly turned, spraying us with hair gel and    viciously said, “What was that about, you bitch?!”

Genuinely mortified because I was too exhausted and overheated from spin class to be bitingly outraged, I uttered, “My only intention was to thank you for being considerate and apologizing.”

Now that he had stepped in verbal poop, he surprisingly became more enraged.


Why are people so angry?

It seems that the modus operandi these days is to be aggressive and assume everyone is out to get you.

Thanks, Agent Orange for spreading hatred and dissension.

Can’t you and all your little nepotistical pretties just melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West and let us make America Great (and civil) Again.

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