Welcome To Miami…Restaurant Review & Things To Do

Miami adventures.

Last Saturday the day dawned overcast.

We headed to the gym and worked out for over an hour, indulged in an omelette and headed home to beautify for a day in Miami and its surroundings.

We finally have our own car in Florida so we’re able to buy a Sun Pass and make the trip to Miami Beach more palatable by shaving off 50 minutes driving in the Express lanes.

We cruised Miami Beach’s Collins and Ocean Avenue all the way from the causeway to the Fountainbleu.

I have been visiting south Miami for over 50 years so there is little left unexplored.

We had not been to the Arts District since it rose from the ashes several years ago.

The difference is stunning.

It is now four long blocks of unique architecture housing every designer known to humankind.

The cloudy, drizzly day brought out humanity like vulgars to a kill.

If you are a designer ‘ho then you will find this area orgasmic.

Michael’s Genuine, a Miami icon, is right smack dab in the middle of the plethora of exclusive retail therapy and a must place to eat when in the Arts District.

We found a spot on 40th Street and drew quite a surprising crowd as people gathered around my husband’s vintage crown jewel…not me, but his 1975 Jaguar XJC which only 200 are left to cruise the highways and byways.

We investigated every store from Dior, multiple Louis Vuitton’s, Hermes, Gucci, Panerai, Rolex, Tiffany, Fendi and on and on and on.

I needed a strong hand to keep my credit card in my bag and my husband was eager to comply.

The architecture alone is worth the drive by.

This brought us to the real reason for our excursion.

Dinner at the legendary 109 year-old Joe’s Stone Crab.

I was able to mine for gold and actually unearthed a hard to get reservation.

We waited for our name to be called while enduring the side eye from at least 100 hungry hopefuls who could wait up to 3 hours for the opportunity to indulge in the sweetest, freshest Stone Crabs anywhere.

The servers earn 6 figures and provide impeccable service some having donned the black suit for 20 plus years.

The Hash Browns are a thing of beauty ($12.95).

Take note…fresh baked rolls and bread are served immediately upon seating. Recommended is the Wicked Wedge ($15.95) with homemade bleu cheese dressing, crispy and tender 1/2 Fried Chicken platter ($8.95), Creamed Spinach ($11.95) and Roasted Corn ($15.95).

The Stone Crabs bring tears to your eyes and joy to your taste buds ($49-134.95).

The best Key Lime Pie anywhere is the final touch. We usually buy a whole pie to take home which comes with a can of real whipped cream (slice $12.95).

We departed and had to part the sea of drooling patrons breathlessly awaiting a table.

You should put Joe’s on your bucket list…this ain’t any ordinary Joe.

Joe’s Stone Crab 11 Washington Avenue Miami Beach, Florida. Open daily. Takeout available next door.

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