Welcome…Dearest Devilish Devotees….

Menopause Superpowers-vs2
My Dearest Devilish Devotees,

This is as close as I will get to a royal or presidential Inauguration…the Inauguration of my new and improved website, If The Devil Had Menopause.

It’s as if I had an amicable separation and dropped the hyphen from my married name, WordPress. I am single, liberated and ready for my coming out party.

I want to meet and greet millions of new suitors, hoping that each and every one enjoys a “unique visit” to the Devil, joining the growing list of daily visitors.

Menopause started a decade ago as a hot and sweaty condition. Ten years later, I remain overheated, but not defeated. I have exposed my sordid involvement and methods for coping with the hot hand that life has dealt me. I have been rewarded with new friends and a regular cathartic outlet to deal with this endless demon. (Reminds me of how Roseanne Barr dealt with Meryl Streep in the film, She-Devil!)

I hope If The Devil Had Menopause…we would all be in hell provides a daily source of laughter, sardonic wit and a way to stay informed about food, life, restaurants, fashion, politics, entitlement, fitness, travel, sports, the arts and culture.

Let me continue to sweat the small stuff for you. Thank you for attending the Inauguration of If The Devil Had Menopause.

Love and hot flashes,

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