Wednesday…Not The Netflix Series


Growing up my favorite weekday.

Yesterday, a friend ignited a delicious memory.

Every Wednesday for years my grandparents would drive to the Bronx from Connecticut to pick up one week worth of amazing delicatessen.

They would arrive at my family home around 4pm after I returned from school.

I listened for their car to glide up the driveway.

My grandfather, Daddy Joe, would be dressed in a suit and tie and a fetching fedora…I always wear men’s fedoras. I am passionate about them as Joe inspired me.

My grandmother never to be called that…she only responded to Syd, would be decked out in a designer suit (never pants…she abhorred them on women except for Katherine Hepburn) and she had the most gorgeous jewelry both fine and costume.

I remember she bought Kenneth Jay Lane’s first collection in 1963 and called him to tell him how fabulous it was.

Kenneth made faux jewelry chic. Jackie Kennedy Onassis  was a huge fan.

That debonair couple always drove big American four door sedans.

Daddy Joe would open the massive trunk and the aroma that emanated from the inside made me delirious with hunger.

I would rip open the bags and grab slices of warm seeded rye, hot mandel bread (similar to an Italian biscotti) and black and white cookies.

The treasure trove included smoked salmon and white fish, sturgeon, fresh bagels, rugelach, literally a bucket of fresh whipped cream cheese and buttery jam filled Thumbprint cookies.

Such fond memories.

My grandmother was quite a woman. We called her The Duchess.

My grandfather was quite the crooner always singing for his supper. He sold his business and then ran Manero’s Steakhouse Liquor store in Greenwich, CT. until he was 96.

I miss them dearly and those memorable Wednesday deliveries and subsequent feasts.


  1. memories. so beautiful.I remember your grandparents like it was yesterday.
    Remember going to eat at Manero’s and losing my Dad….he was in their walk in freezer
    examining the meat !!!!! They were quite the couple

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