Wedding Mania…

Big Brother was watching in 1984.

I guess he was witnessing more weddings than ever before.

And, Then Along Comes Marry…2022 will break that 40-year-old record.

There are more weddings scheduled this year…over 2.5 million to be exact.

I was married in 1984…a good year for solidarity as I am still singing the praises of Peaches & Herb, “United and it feels so good”.

I am sure there is a percentage of nuptials that are happening in 2022 due to a plethora of pandemic cancellations from 2020 and 2021.

Couples are spending a fortune on the main event.

A gorgeous wedding is a momentous moment in time, but only a moment.

I would rather buy a house or take a long honeymoon.

It usually is a beautiful memory, left with an gilded wedding book and a very expensive dress permanently encased in a garment bag stored in your bedroom closet, attic or basement.

I had a big, fancy wedding with all the bells and whistles.

My dad offered cash for a down payment on a house. My mother offered to remove his male appendage.

It was fab, but we should have taken the cash.

Not that 2 million couples will hear me, but save the money and have an intimate destination wedding.

Hopefully, together forever.


  1. A beautiful bride. 1984 was a good year. Cindy and I were married, and she hasn’t left me yet.

  2. 💜. You are correct,but when you are in love and are lured by all those pushing flowers, catering,dresses,etc. had not to go with it. Just hope the newly weds are happy ever after.

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