We Are Family…

My prayers and many others are finally answered after four years of hell.

The outdated Electoral College has spoken and the “faithless” voter did not rear its ugly head.

Joe Biden is our next president and Kamala Harris will serve as the first ever female Vice President.

Agent Orange is declared an official Loser and will be put out to pasture where this bovine can be fenced in and graze after milking this country dry of money, democracy, integrity and respect.

No more bull(shit) from this rancid cow.

Next accomplishment…the vaccine is rolling out. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of ‘Rona.

While living a life filled with many restrictions you realize what you need to survive…family.

Being sequestered for the past three weeks with my husband, daughter and doggie I realize you can get by with just a little help from your friends.

Living in Coronaville is my first foray into the military, figuratively speaking, leading me to adopt a highly regimented life.

When freedom rings sometime in 2021 I hope that I remember every day to not take anything for granted.

Today, mindful, respectful citizens are collectively one day closer to cohabiting under an umbrella of herd immunity…37 days and counting until America is liberated from a heinous dictator.

Thrilled to watch him drive the bus of denial right off a cliff.

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