I Wanna Dance With Somebody…


The concerned call came in at 8:30am.

“30 inches is too big.”

I could only fantasize that a Gap salesperson was in the dressing room with me, declaring that the size 30 jeans I was trying on were much too large.

A girl can dream.

Now for the reality check.

No, it was my contractor, Evaldo, calling to say that the brand new 30″ stove wouldn’t fit through the back door entrance which measured 29″.

An in depth conversation was had with the Best Buy delivery person who complained about the weather, ice in the driveway, slippery steps and door size.

Despite the agreement, he finally split leaving the shining new stainless steel stove on the front door steps.

Anyone have an extension cord and a T-Bone steak?

I have a 1962 bottle of Dom Perignon I unearthed in my dad’s liquor cabinet.

A shout-out to peeps within a 75 mile radius of southern Connecticut to come together for a wicked fun lawn party.

Dress warmly and bring you dancing boots as I found my Whitney Houston autographed boombox up the attic and I am itching to blast, I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

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