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woman walking

 I walked, sweated, ate and cultured clubbed my way through this week.

I now navigate with a limp, but I walked from the Upper West Side of NYC to Soho one day, cruised the Park to Midtown East and then every single block in Soho and Nolita the following day, culminating with a jaunt from Wall Street to the Upper West Side yesterday. My feet feel thinner. I now can stuff my size 11’s into narrow Roger Vivier flats.

I dined at Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich classic tapas bar, Casa Mono, had dinner at Charlie Bird, a very hot, new Soho restaurant  which I shall review,  sampled Steak and Shake, the closest thing NYC has to In and Out Burger and enjoyed a midday repast under a canopy of chandeliers at the Mondrian in Soho.

Isola Restaurant, Mondrian Hotel Soho

My cousin, Susie (Susan now that she lives in tony Weston, CT and is all grown up with 3 offspring) and I did some power shopping in Soho. I successfully introduced her to Metal-Pointus, 235 Elizabeth Street, that imports amazing metal jewelry from Paris. I had purchased some fab pieces at their Paris store…fast forward to NYC last year when we were strolling Elizabeth Street in Soho and lo and behold, there was a NYC branch. I hadn’t been drinking so I knew it was the real thing.

howard street
Howard Street, Soho

The tour included Howard Street, presently, a very trendy street at the bottom of Soho just above Canal. The new Mondrian Hotel has re-invigorated the area and many big name and emerging designers are opening stores.


An Israeli designer has developed an awesome line of lightweight, gorgeous bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Seasonal Whispers features stackable bracelets in gold, silver-plated and oxidized copper. The bracelets are sold in sets of 6. They are adorned with beads and Swarovski crystals.The store is simply designed, but edgy with my favorite materials, concrete and iron…I swear I must have been conceived in a factory or old warehouse. Our home in San Francisco was all metal and concrete and we have been able to keep some minimal pieces in NYC. All components must function and be utilitarian in a Manhattan abode, unless you have a spare $20 million.

Monday I shall expose my culture clubbing adventure…have a groovy weekend and NY Giants, please permit me to enjoy a Sunday in fall and damn it, win a game!

People of interest who I passed while accruing mileage…a buff Hugh Dancy with child in Washington Square Park, elegant newscaster, Paula Zahn, who I had previously met during a Pat Benatar interview, at a new Soho store (she was accessorizing for a dinner with Secretary of State Kerry) and a dashing Orlando Bloom on his way to the theater.

paula zahn
Paula Zahn

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