Walk On By…

Why is it so difficult to be honest with people?

If you say it nicely will the recipient accept the truth?

That’s a big fat HELL NO!

The truthsayers opinion will be thrust and parried about.

Since honesty, no matter how it is packaged, is rarely appreciated many of us spend a lot of time harboring resentment against people who have inflicted pain and done us dirty.

With time to think over the past 13 months and very little human interaction I must admit to being exhausted from carrying around    resentment.

Some people will never get it so moving forward ain’t no one going to rain on my parade…anymore.

We are #COVIDSTRONG, vaccinated with truth serum and a protective Teflon coating,

If you don’t want to play nice or hear the truth then please feel free to pull a Dionne Warwick and just, ”Walk On By.”

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