Walk Don’t Run…

Saturday I participated in the Hip Replacement Marathon.

In 90 degree heat I sprinted, in hip replacement fantasy lingo that is to say, I walked slowly with determination and without assistance down my block across Central Park West into Central Park and past Tavern on the Green.

I sat down without a support cushion and enjoyed the outdoors.

My reaction to mingling with humanity was similar to re-engaging with society right after the pandemic.

I needed to acclimate and breathe deeply.

After spending time sitting in the shade and sipping a cold beverage, I proceeded to walk home without a cane.

I medaled in my own mind.

A bit more than two weeks and I am walking without husband or metal assistance.

I must admit that lying down and icing was blissful,  and, despite the pain, the experience was exhilarating.

Prognosis…steady baby steps eventually graduating to a purposeful stride.

Intensive PT commences today.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Melissa Tufeld says:

    You Go Girl!!!
    Baby steps are the best steps!!! Happy you are on the mend!

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