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I am still riding high after the amazing buzzer beating, game winning 3-pointer by Syracuse University’s freshman phenom, Tyler Ennis.

Tyler is trending. Every TV station is showing the highlight from Wednesday’s nights game…he is the ‘it’ guy right now. What composure for a an 19 year-old. I am just sad that the NBA will probably nab him and he will not be an Orangeman next season and forfeit his education. Ennis’ mailbox will be filled to the brim with ‘Be Mine’ requests today…who doesn’t love a hero.

You may doubt that a college basketball player can be hailed a hero for making the winning shot (the shot was truly amazing!) Well, there aren’t that many moments during the course of a day that bring the level of pure joy that Ennis provided to many. Furthermore, it highlights the heartfelt teamwork of the Syracuse team. They are a united front, supporting each other, no hot doggers, no player trying to steal the limelight, no acting out.

At this moment in time, the Orange have that feeling of destiny just the way the NY Giants had in their play off run and eventual, improbable Super Bowl victory on February 5th, 2012…a moment in time that I will never forget!

I was having a bad day on Wednesday. For 39 minutes, the Syracuse game did not brighten it. They were playing catch up most of it, offensive rebounding was weak and they just weren’t knocking down the shots. Then C.J. Fair hit a 3 and a 2 and Ennis sank 2 free throws. With 4.4 seconds left in the game, Ennis rocked my world and made my day. He was my hero and many others, as well.

Yesterday, I commented that I dislike most things Dallas. Well, I just found another Dallas gem.

I was perusing the news and I came upon the clip of Dallas’ WFAA sports anchor, Dale Hansen. He issued a perfect public takedown to the anonymous NFL officials in Sports Illustrated much-criticized Michael Sam story. For those who do not recognize Sam’s name, he is a highly touted senior football defensive end from Missouri who just came out as gay.

Here is an excerpt from Hansen’s commentary:

  • You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You’re the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft.
  • You kill people while driving drunk? That guy’s welcome.
  • Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they’re welcome.
  • Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away? You lie to police trying to cover up a murder? We’re comfortable with that.
  • You love another man? Well, now you’ve gone too far!

Bravo, Dale Hansen…another hero! Next,  commentary should be directed at Congress and their archaic, self-serving attitude regarding abortion.

Michael Sam
Michael Sam

While we are on the topic, here’s another question. Are NFL officials and players so self-involved that they think every gay man would be attracted to them just because they share a locker room? Are we to assume that Sam’s type are only muscle bound athletes? Perhaps he is attracted to skinny Caucasians. People need to get over themselves.

US Olympic Cross-Country Skier, Kris, Freeman Photo/Sports Illustrated

33 year-old Olympic cross country skier, Kris Freeman, is another eample of  a hero and an inspiration to all diabetics. Freeman is a type 1 diabetic and wears an insulin pump at all times. Insulin is considered a ban substance by the International Olympic Committee, but he is able to get a therapeutic use exemption.

The 4 time Olympian was 6 seconds off the lead at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, but collapsed from low blood sugar. He is hoping for better results in Sochi. Exercise is very difficult for Type 1 diabetics as your blood sugar goes up and down, mostly down. Freeman proves that you can do anything, even with physical limitations…just do it.

Berkeley, My Hero
Berkeley, My Hero

Berkeley, my ailing Australian Shepherd, is my hero. Every day she faces the day with her tail wagging, loving eyes and a will to live. I asked her to support the Orange with 4.4 seconds left in the Syracuse/Pittsburgh game as she has been with me through many stressful NY Giants and Yankees games.

She actually stood up and started barking. Our time is limited, but she makes the most of every minute and bears any discomfort admirably.

My husband is my hero for many reasons. Every day, he is so positive and encouraging about my blog…he is my biggest fan. Wednesday night, I was up all night with a migraine and he tended to me. He is always supportive, except when he forgets!

My daughter is also my hero. She is a smart, strong, determined, caring, thoughtful woman. Yesterday,  she went out of her way to drive me to spin class because she knew that with a migraine it would be a long, slow hike..  Sometimes, if I can manage to stand erect, kicking my endorphins into high gear during a spin class can help to quell the pain. She also offered to get me breakfast and then kept checking up on me…she had me at , “how can I help you to feel better.”

Enjoy the weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. It may be a commercial, corny day, but it makes us reach out to loved ones and recognize the heroes in our own lives…no matter the size of the gesture.


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