Uptown Girls…

The Girls marched to midtown yesterday.

Our mission was not motivated by food or retail therapy.

It was the all important annual mammogram.

I find Columbia Doctors such a professional and caring facility to have my annual screening.

This year there is a new highly efficient machine that is a lot less heavy lifting, minimal smashing, no more holding your breath and uncomfortable reaching out during the X-ray.

The entire appointment took 15 minutes. It took longer to walk the 11/2 miles to the appointment.

I was disappointed that they eliminated the waiting procedure for results. It was an anxiety filled 20 minutes analogous to be sent to the principal’s office, but you departed with the test results.

I must admit by 2 pm I was notified of my passing grade. A letter from the radiologist explaining the results in layperson language accompanied the results.

My lucky charm and I floated home with a stop for a delicious omelette and coffee outside at Smith’s.

Same time next year and a shoutout to all the girls to remember to take good care of your girls.



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