(Un)Spice Girl…


I always thought I was a Spice Girl.

I just found out I cannot carry a spicy tune.

We ate at Bamboo Fire Cafe, a tiny neighborhood Caribbean /World restaurant in Delray Beach the other evening and I thought my mouth was going to combust.

We started out slowing with delicious Conch Fritters ($10) and a surprisingly good Mac & Cheese ($8).

It was smooth sailing.

Then I hit turbulence.

The owner treated me to Jerk Meatballs and the temperature rose instantaneously.

I still proceeded to order the house signature dish, Jerk Chicken, for a main course because I remembered being able to handle the Jerk Chicken in Jamaica ($16) plus the owner told me that the dish was not very spicy.

Well, I was a Jerk to buy into the unspicy fantasy!

The initial bite was delicious and then my head exploded.

I guzzled Imperial, a Costa Rican beer that could not extinguish the flame ($6).

David got through the Blackened Jerk Snapper, but that guy was lite, as well ($16).

Nevertheless, if you can handle spicing up in your life, Bamboo Fire Cafe is for you.

It’s a no frills, intimate cafe run by a gracious owner…everything is no problem, man.

If you want to sit outside he will set up fans. If the bugs party he will delivery giant citronella candles.

Sadly, I left my meal in its totality realizing that my preference to spice things up will only come from my words and actions rather than fiery food.

Bamboo Fire Cafe 149 NE 4th Avenue Delray Beach, Florida  Open Wednesday & Thursday 5-10pm, Friday & Saturday 5-11pm, Sunday 2:30-8pm.  Street parking.

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