Uniquely Delectable DDOBAR…NYC Restaurant Review

I always have a hankering for sushi and Omakase.

Recently, I read about an Omakase adjacent menu.

The unique name, DDOBAR by Joomak, is a Korean play on words for See You Again Soon and features Yubutarts which draws inspiration from traditional Korean yubuchobap. Yubu is fried tofu and Chobap meaning Vingegared Rice, creating fried tofu pockets stuffed with vingared rice.

The Yubutart acts as a vessel for a variety of stunning flavor combinations.

I also liked that the fish and other creative creations are light on rice as opposed to traditional Omakase.

We opted for the $75 13 course Yuzu Tart Tasting Menu. There is also a more elaborate $135 Chef Studio Tasting Menu.

We ordered a dry, delicious bottle of Sake to accompany the meal ($65).

Savor the feast:

Cacio y Pepe with poached egg yolk and Parmesan cheese without the pasta. It is a nod to the chefs time at Italian hotspot, Maialino.

Long Island Fluke with Green Grape and Tomatillo and amazing Green Apple Foam
Fresh Massachusetts Scallop, Dashi Butter, Lemon
Hiramasa with Golden Osetra Caviar
Botan Ebi with Egg and Iku
Norwegian Salmon with Everything Bagel

Lobster with Nori Sabayon
Yubu Gunkan with Tuna Tataki
Duck Pastrami with Duck Rillette
Korean Beef Tartare with Egg Yolk
Pork Belly with Mushroom Pickle
Chicken Gochujang, Parmesan
Earl Grey Soft Serve Ice Cream with Fleur de Sel

The restaurant is very flexible regarding substitutions for pescatarians, providing excellent fish selections (Ika, Fluke)  for the meat and fowl items.

The attractive Olly Olly Market is a spacious building home to Bar Avant, a bakery, Thai restaurant along with several other stalls.

Master Chef Jiho Kim of Michelin-Starred Joomak Banjum fame brings years of experience in the industry to DDOBAR.

Executive Chef Sechul Yang is also very experienced and brings his fastidious creativity to DDOBAR on a daily basis. He spent years honing his skills with Union Square Hospitality Group.

DDOBAR is a unique experience. The 14-seat counter area makes for an intimate evening of fabulosity.

Definitely Do DDOBAR.

DDOBAR by Joomak NYC. 601 West 26th Street New York City. Open for Dinner Monday-Saturday 5:30-9pm. Open for Lunch Tuesday-Saturday 12-3pm. Reservations on Resy.

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