Unique Options…

As the weekend is upon us and Labor Day weekend is lurking perhaps the adventurous you may want to take advantage of these unique options.

Jamaica is getting its own ecotourism and psilocybin microdosing resort and retreat center.

Seems as if the eternal quest to find out more about oneself has hit the tourist trade.
Discover the real you after microdosing beneath the surface of the sea, swimming with God’s other creations, standing under a scenic waterfall or hiking on the cliffs overlooking the expansive blue water.

The Cliffside beachfront resort, dubbed Go Natural Jamaica, is operated by publicly traded psychedelics company Silo Wellness.

Explore microdosing in a natural environment at a reasonable price. They also have upscale options at other resorts.

The first retreat will take place during Labor Day weekend, September 3 to September 6. Lodging and meals start at $240/night for dorm lodging and go up to $499.99/night for single occupancy with a three-night minimum. Amenities like air conditioning will be optional, but will you even notice?!

The brand new luxurious Aman New York, located in the Crown Building across from Trump Tower, just debuted.

Entry point Is $3,200 a night for the least expensive room.

Discover how much a person is willing to spend on a hotel room.

In my mind it’s a choice between saving for the golden years, a Birkin bag or blowing it on a weekend on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

For that price, guests get at least 745 square feet of space, a gas fireplace, retractable flat-screen TV and bathrooms larger than many New York bedrooms.

Feeling frivolous?! You can really live life, spending $36,000 a night to reserve two adjoining suites and a half day in a private spa featuring its own hammam and plunge pool.

There is a three story spa, a jazz club, Omakase bar, an expansive greenery-filled terrace, indoor pool, sauna, a cryotherapy chamber and a chance at glimpsing a home grown terrorist.

Interested in a romantic getaway?

A five-star luxury Australian hotel group offers some additional incentive by offering a “love lounge” in the room, allowing couples to get creative and perhaps test out the more complicated suggestions found in the Kama Sutra.

Be aware, I would imagine that there is a suggested age limit on the Love Lounge.

Hotel patrons also have the option to include a personal intimacy pack which features a variety of carnal accessories and an aphrodisiac-heavy room service menu…oysters, anyone?!

I am here for you, opening your eyes to unique options and making life more interesting!

Have a great weekend.


  1. So funny!!! LOL at 4:30 AM!

  2. Than you for offering a variety of options depending on our stock options and personal desires.

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