Under The Influence…

I am not a self-medicator.

I stay away from all pain meds and sleep aides because they induce migraines.

In the past 6 months I have had to be put under three times for dental work and a colonoscopy.

I must admit to enjoying the brief, but sound sleep they provide.

Honestly, I literally never sleep any more so being administered an anesthesia yesterday was quite wonderful.

I cannot believe I walked home the 2 miles under the influence in 24 degree weather.

When I finally shuffled into my apartment I was in bed in seconds and enjoyed a short, but satisfying sleep.

Actually, the nap should be first rate. The doze costed me $9000 including the extraction.

Aftermath. Last night I dropped off at 10pm and was awake by 1am.

That was it for me.

Upside…due to my MSNBC addiction, I can ace any current events quiz, the apartment is immaculate, the dogs are walked by 3am and I am always on top of my blog posts.

The blizzard gave me pause and kept me inactive, giving my body a well deserved respite.

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