Nonviolent, badass mothers…never underestimate them.

This past weekend in Portland, where demonstrations have continued since the violent death of George Floyd, moms gathered in force chanting, “Feds steer clear, moms are here,” as they linked arms to form a human wall against unwelcome troops.

The mighty moms were brought together via a Facebook group aptly named, Wall of Moms.

It called on mothers to do what they do best…protect their children.

A mom was outraged when she learned that peaceful protesters were being hurt and stripped of their rights by being placed in unmarked cars by unidentifiable law enforcement in camouflage fatigues.

Action soon followed.

Mothers are front and center right now…home schooling, holding down jobs, being involved in community decisions regarding whether it is safe for kids to go back to school, nurturing, quelling Covid fears.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi said she is a mother bear and in this present pandemic environment if anyone tried to force her 9 grandchildren into an unsafe environment such as going back to school she would go for the jugular.

I know that no one is allowed to screw with my daughter.

As strong, independent and capable as she is, you never mess with her because I will be your worst nightmare.

Mothers will always surround their children with an impenetrable wall.

All in all, you’re another brick in the wall and this is a well intentioned wall, not a racist, judgmental one.


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