TV Land…


TV is definitely a close friend. Working from home, I have it on in the background and check in now and then.

Is this foreshadowing of “adult life” when TV I s my only companion?! I will never allow that to happen…Super Menopause Woman will conquer her Golden Years and stay vital and relevant.

The TV lights up early with the Today Show in the morning and Mike Francesa on Mike’s On on the YES Network in the afternoon. I am addicted to sports talk radio station, WFAN in New York even though Mike is an arrogant, pompous, Diet Coke swilling egomaniac.

Mike Francesa

I find Good Morning America inane and indicative of what the public is interested in nowadays what with the deluge of gossip mags and reality TV…all show no go.

For a kick and walk done memory lane, I sometimes check in on the soaps I used to work on to see who is still around. All My Children and One Life to Live have gone down the drain, but in their heyday, they were huge. I am always amazed how popular the soaps are, especially among college students. I remember when I was at ABC, Williams College, a prestigious liberal arts college in Massachusetts, initiated a campaign to have the character, Nick Davis, be the commencement speaker…they got their man. General Hospital’s, Luke and Laura story line, blew the ratings out of the water.

Funny, I always wanted to work in television and I attained that goal. I was fascinated by the medium growing up. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV during the week, but could on weekends. Ethel, who is like a second mother to me, and lived with my family for over 20 years and is still cherished, always watched the soaps while she created delectable meals.

Ethel and Mom
Ethel and Mom

I would do my homework in the kitchen and she would always fill me in on the happenings on the Secret Storm and her other addictions. Funny, how I was able to pull that name out of the air…haven’t heard Secret Storm mentioned in decades. I remember when Joan Crawford subbed for her daughter, Christina, who was a regular on the show.

I rue the day that TV is 2 way. In actuality, the new Xbox Kinect, which most people have in their living room, connected to their TV, has cameras and sensors. I parade around in my unmentionables, make-up free, unruly attitude, eating, dancing, screaming in front of Mike Francesa, Matt Lauer, Jon Stewart… God forbid they could see me.

TV at its’ best is informative and entertaining. I could not live without 60 Minutes, Jon Stewart, Chris Matthews, Homeland, Nurse Jackie, SNL, Parenthood and all things sports…let’s hope that quality will continue to outshine the crap. And the beat goes on…

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