Turning Over A New Leaf…

Leaf peeping.

A New England tradition.

Since I am a Connecticut girl it is imperative to experience the annual fall foliage road trip.

Sunday dawned sunny and bright.

The family huddled on the upper west side and commenced the scenic excursion at 8:30am.

Courtny quarterbacked the team drive, Mad Dog Madison and Fantastic Finnley played back up, David managed the team and I was offensive coordinator, drawing up the game plan.

Free to roam on a fall football Sunday (The NY Giants played Thursday night) the country roads beckoned us.

We rolled down the byways marveling at the golden hues and burnt orange foliage framed by an azure blue sky.

We unhurriedly drove through New Preston and Falls Village on the way to the West Cromwell Covered Bridge rising 172 feet above the tranquil Housatonic River.

The Appalachian Trail runs through Falls Village, but we passed on the hike as we were in the midst of the insidious Lyme Disease breeding grounds.

Our next stop was the quaint town of Bantam and the Arethusa Farms where we had a farm to table lunch enhanced by outrageous freshly baked croissants.

We also devoured a luscious grilled cheese on homemade bread made from locally produced cheeses.

Arethusa Farm is comprised of a farm, dairy, cafe and the fine dining restaurant, Arethusa al tavolo.

Satiated, we drove the few miles into the town of Litchfield and then veered off through rolling hills towards Ridgefield, onto Salem, New York, ending in the curvy back roads of Stamford, Connecticut and onto the picturesque Merritt Parkway.

It was such a visually exciting family day trip…the optimum time of year to capture the changing leaves in all their splendor.


  1. you were up by Torrington and Winsted. Spent summers there at children’s camp .
    Skip and a jump to Lenox also.


  3. Cathy Newman says:

    Looks like heaven!!! I spent the day up at Cedar Breaks, where we saw some changing leaves and other gorgeous scenery. Lovely to appreciate Mother Nature in all her glory! Miss you, Friendy!

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