Turn On…

My interpretation of sexy.

Our wedding anniversary is rapidly approaching.

This morning my adorable husband confronted me.

It took awhile for him to get to the point.

He was making me nervous so I jumped in and said, “What’s wrong…you are hemming and hawing!”

He retorted, “It’s all good.”

I awaited his declaration.

He wanted to make a date with me to do some retail therapy at Christian Louboutin because he heard me mention that I did not have any sandals in New York.


Hell to the yes.

First off, he actually listened to me.

Second, he did research.

Come on, If that isn’t a turn on I just don’t know what is.

He heard me, he followed up, he wanted to take me shopping and buy me whatever makes me happy.

I adore being close to my husband, but nothing beats a shoegasm.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. President of my heart and shoe collection.


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