Trick Or Treat…

What’s better than a bucket full of grade A Halloween candy?

A shopping adventure with my husband.

He has amazing taste, but hates to shop.

He tricked me yesterday and treated me to an afternoon on 5th Avenue.

You see my Fall Football Sunday dance card was empty because my beloved yet tortuous NY Giants play tonight on Monday Night Football.

After bingeing half of the new Maid series (brutal, but excellent), we headed through a  crowded throng in Central Park  to 5th Avenue.

We strolled through the handbag section of Bergdorf Goodman and I was caught drooling over a velvet Dior bag.

Then we hit up Gucci just after opening time and the store was all ours.

I had a Gucci gift certificate courtesy of my incredible daughter in my hot little hands and I felt as if the world was my Gucci oyster.

I checked everything out and settled on boots that I have coveted for over one year.

Finnley was a huge hit at the store and was given a platinum American Express send off.

Our next stop was at Uniglo for basics. Our visit was cut short because it must have been 80 degrees in the store, definitely discouraging customers from donning the plethora of down coats and vests.

I was planning on fighting my way down 5th Avenue, but the crush of tourists stopped us in our tracks so we headed uptown and stopped for lunch on 7th Avenue.

We munched on a fabulous truffle pizza at Sarafina.

We headed home so I could get my football fix.

Sunday was definitely a treat.and my retail therapy costume was a big hit.

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