Too Close For Comfort…

I probably will not garner any sympathy talking about going to the beach considering the weather in much of the country.

Undaunted, I shall proceed.

Last weekend the days were clear and in the 60s so we headed to the beach to walk and read.

Very few people were lounging…it was mostly walkers.

Why then on both days with beaches wide and unobstructed do people spread their blankets and chairs right next to you on an empty canvas?

I just do not get it.

In the scheme of things this complaint does not even register on the Richter Scale, but it is so annoying.

The invaders aren’t even quiet.

It’s no different on an empty subway or park bench.

Are people that unconscious?

I know we all suffer from Covid brain and relative isolation, but come on.

The problem is you just have to block them out or pick up and move because people are crazy lately, have a very short fuse and knives are the new don’t leave home without it accessory and it’s not for your portable charcuterie board.

I’m just saying.

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