Together Forever…

Sunday is our wedding anniversary.

I was all set to celebrate 32 years and then my daughter asked if I had some news for her…as in was she born out of wedlock.

I rechecked my math and realized I had lost a few years and that this is our 34th year of wedded bliss.

Let us not forget the 4 years of togetherness before we officially joined forces…I was a reluctant bride even though I knew I had met Mr. Perfect.

Sunday was going to be a full day of planned celebration and dinner at Peppone’s, one of our favorite Los Angeles restaurants.

Instead, we will be prepping for David’s colonoscopy.

Talk about keeping the romance going.

We will be sharing Jell-O shots and toasting endless love.

After 6pm, the party really gets started with David sequestered in the loo and me whispering sweet nothings through the locked door.

Our daughter has planned a night out on the town Tuesday after David has been purged, scoped and cleansed.

I cannot believe that we have spent almost 40 years together…wow, those are old people stats.

I have to admit it feels like yesterday.

Hey, You’re The First (not really), My Last, My Everything…


  1. Cathy Newman says:

    This is hilarious!!! Poor David…but it does make for an entertaining blog. Happy Anniversary to you both!!! 🍾🥂💜💜💜

  2. Omgoodness you look almost identical to Courtny in that picture! ..or should I say she looks almost identical to you? Love it 🙂 The happiest of anniversaries to you guys! I hope one of the hospital aides snuck some vodka into those “jello shots” for you guys 😉 Nice to start the 35th year squeaky clean! Hehe 😁

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