Time On My Side???…

In my youth it was lip gloss, mascara, blush and at certain times of the year my look was complimented by a sun kissed tan.

My hair was waist length and I would throw on a bandana along with Landlubber jeans in a rainbow of colors and patterns, Doc Martens and I was ready to rock.

These days I have a maintenance routine, my hair needs to be managed, my body screams for stretching and a few lengthy child pose. I still stick with minimal make up and layer on tons of sunscreen.

Sometimes if I am bored or sleepless I scroll through random videos. I watch in stunned silence the videos of women testing and applying makeup which is drugstore and/or expensive designer brands.

The face prep and application of endless products involves 5-10 steps…I ultimately suffer from cosmetic ADD. Next.

Simply put, where is my Blistex with SPF, my trusty Benefit mascara and drugstore moisturizer because La Mer and other highly touted Goop brands are all hype.

I must admit to missing a glowing tan. Everyone looks better with one. The only Vitamin C and D I’m  exposed to anymore is in a bottle or else I am biopsy bound.

Aging is a huge responsibility…😎


  1. Whatever you are doing — keep it up. It is obviously working.

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