‘Til Death Do Us Part…


sponge bob

I spent Friday with my mother.

We did a whole bunch of chores around her house, preparing for her departure in November for Florida.

I played laundry lady and did washes and then hung the sheets and jeans on the clothesline. The pure, unadultered joy of slipping into clean, fresh air-dried sheets is tantalizing.

After sucking up to my mom before taking her out to dinner, I confronted her with a question I hoped I would never have to ask.

Don’t hate me because I am honest.

“Mom, if you pass away before I do, do you want a bells and whistle funeral or can I keep it intimate and respectful with just the immediate family?”

My mom, in all her 94 years of glory, gave me a look and said, “You want to deny me a royal send off?!”

“No denial. I plan on throwing you a 7 day food orgy…just a low key burial.”

She pondered the question for a moment and then asked me why.

My response…”Frankly, I am not a huge fan of the guest list. I figure I can avoid certain someones when I am busy cooking, organizing and cleaning up the house.”

She felt a bit rejected and then we struck a deal. She promised to outlive all her friends and relatives and I am pretty sure I will go before her if my living situation on both coasts and the up and down NY Giants continue to give me heart palpitations.



  1. She will outlive us all……….and still try to call my phone number to tell me about the latest ballet performance she went to.
    God bless her!

  2. Nancy Russo says:

    How wonderful to hear Eunice is still with you! I hope you know how lucky you are. Tillie lived until 90 but she had severe Alzheimers so I lost her many years before. At least she moved from FL and lived in South Carolina very close to me after my Dad died. My sons got to spend great time with her before her mind left her. Give her a hug from me, PLEASE! I spent so much time in her house growing up, she was a 2nd Mom!

    • Nancy, thanks so much for your lovely comments. My mother was quite touched. She continues to amaze…driving, playing cards, art. She lives in Florida in the winter and still has her house in Connecticut. She is still witty, quick and a spirited woman!She said that she had often wondered about your mom since they lived close to one another in Florida. Glad to hear your sons had quality time with her…she was a real character! Hope all is well in your world.

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