Tickled Pink…


That’s what I would color the Pink concert…is that the term only over 40 year-olds use? Is it a musical show? What is the Gen Z terminology? Talk amongst yourselves.

Pink soldout Madison Square Garden Saturday and Sunday nights.

It was 2 hours of fun on your feet layered with great costumes, sets and every Pink hit which makes for a lengthy, know every lyric, jubilant playlist.

The end is incredible when she does multiple revolutions around the sun, soaring over the audience.

Pink is an icon…charming, relatable and is perfectly capable of singing while flying upside down.

She appears to be having as great a time as her devoted fans and Pink was the best escape from the turbulent outside world.

Raise your glass to Pink and to my daughter who gifted us with the tickets.

Pink “Got The Party Started” and 2 hours later “Blew Me One Last Kiss!”

Her concert will give you anything BUT “a shit day!”


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