Ticket To Paradise…

Never thought I could capture total relaxation.

A beautiful beach and a good read is perfection.

I have not watched TV, read a paper or felt agitated in 10 days.

Paradise is a fabulous destination.

I have found my groove…up at 6am, secure our favorite beach swings, read in the hammock on our porch until it’s cappuccino time at 7:30am, dive into our daily biathlon which entails walking the beach and then swimming back.

A delicious breakfast of eggs, fresh squeezed juice tropical fruits and homemade bread follows.

Reading is a major occurrence and I just finished book #10.

4pm Mango Daiquiris followed by incredible sunsets and dinner.

Life can be amazing if you find Paradise and block the real world.

Reentry is on the horizon and appears daunting.

I will worry about reality tomorrow.

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  1. What can one add to this? Lovely and no rain!

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