This Situation Is Cracked…

Why is it so difficult for women to deal with repairmen, painters, contractors, any and all workmen?

There is still such a male testosterone reaction to taking orders from a woman. I hope Hillary decides to run so we can see how the mentally challenged male politicians and the rest of the penis population react to taking orders from a female president.

hillary 2016

When we have home repairs or plumbing issues, I am the resident pro and voice of experience because the owners above us in NYC have wreaked havoc 7 times in 7 years in our apartment. We have had $60,000 worth of damage in the past year alone, involving  3 episodes that have been caused by them leaving the water running in the bathroom for hours, improperly installing a bathroom sink and the last offense, overflowing the toilet.

Why do I always have to call in my male counterpart, namely, my husband, David, to settle the pissing match?! We speak the same language, transmit identical information, yet David always has to step in to get results. Is it a nuanced male thing or is it that workers and contractors not only have cracks in their butts, but in the head, as well?


I am always very amenable to workers of any kind in any line of business…I respect their expertise. When these diminutive dicks enter my home, I offer food, drink, engage them in conversation to provide an opportunity to talk about their favorite subject, themselves. In other words, play my role as professional publicist and still David has to enter the fray in person or via Skype to close the job.

I have made many people famous, carried a healthy baby to term, managed personal and business matters, made profitable investments in the market, planned elaborate noteworthy events, but I still find it challenging to deal with workmen. Oh, there is that rare time when he is intelligent, liberated and confident instead of arrogant and condescending around women, but that type of male specie is few and far between.

Workmen are always equipped with tools…we women need to be armed with tools of coercion, such as a cattle prod or a taser to assist in work completion. Perhaps, then, we will finally enter an age of sexism free enlightenment.

imwoman with prod

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