This Is Me…

Change is inevitable.

Growth is optional.

I feel 35, but I must face the ugly reality that I have more years behind me than ahead of me.

I am optimistic that over the years I have grown, changed, matured and left harboring grudges in my rear view mirror.

Trusting people is not a personal growth field.

I trust very few because women, in particular, often disappoint.

Not too long ago there was a very disturbing incident involving someone close to me.

I was raw and vulnerable, foolishly ignoring my usual course of action and opened up to someone who was physically on the spot during a  fragile moment in time.

She ended up disappointing as well as betraying me.

This was just before Coronaville.

It gave me way too much time to regurgitate the event.

Witnessing so much political betrayal, the lockdown has only exacerbated my lack of trust in people.

Wish I could invest more freely in humans because true friendship is such a lovely and much needed gift.

Fortunately, my blog provides a constant flow of positivity and support from my devilishly fantastic readers.

Eternal thanks.

Anyway, This Is Me.

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