They Say It’s Your Birthday…

Happy Birthday to my favorite cell mate.

We share a child, a bed, Triple Berry cake from Sweet Baby Jane, divine sushi from Hide, have endured deaths, sisters, surgeries, mortgages, made it through multiple home renovations and major moves, but nothing in the known universe like Covid-19.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Coronaville has been bearable with you by my side…constantly.

This year’s celebration is not on our usual birthday island retreat.

A sunrise walk on the beach, a ride up the coast, a homemade lobster dinner and birthday cake will have to suffice along with multiple pairs of gorgeous workout shorts for your summer vacation in Coronaville and a new baseball cap with built in SPF protection for all the ultraviolet indoor rays.

And, of course, you get to spend MORE time alone with me…what better present is there in the world?!

No response required.

Happy and Healthy Birthday, my darling bestie, husband and father to our fabulous daughters Courtny, Finnley and the late great Ms. Madison!!

Sahara Desert, Morocco
Isla Holbox
Blaye, France
Ms. Madison & Finnley, Pacific Palisades, California
Paris, France
Manhattan Beach, California


  1. Paula and Ralph says:

    Happy birthday David! And to many many more


  3. Wish David a Happy Birthday
    from your H.R. friend(s)
    J AND M
    finally having one of our great thunderstorms… best paying
    job in Florida is a weatherman. Their guess on the forecast is a spin of the wheel
    Looks like no golf tomorrow!

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