The View From Here…


Queen E. loved The View.

She was a huge Meredith Vieira fan and she was over the moon when my daughter became her agent.

In later years when the cast of opinionated characters was in constant flux I used to tease her all the time about watching the show.

With the putrid and polluted advent of America’s Mussolini/Hitler clone and solitary Covid confinement, I am now a total hypocrite and check in with the show.

I wish I could share the moments with Queen E.

Moving on, The View does have compelling political guests and are always discussing the latest hot topics.

All except for Meghan McCain who I would enjoy punching in her overly made up kisser.

Talk about self-involved…every single thing out of her conservative mouth is in relationship to her friends and family.

Meghan, this is not a Friends and Family shopping day at Bloomingdale’s…it’s an all encompassing TV format.

And just like whiny teenage girls, Meghan is always screeching, “All my friends say this or all my friends agree with me or Governor Cuomo killed all my friends parents/grandparents in senior facilities during the height of Covid,” she continues her self-centered diatribes.

Shut up, you sniveling broad who truly isn’t smart enough or appealing enough especially with her love of guns to get a job on her own without her famous father.

Meghan McCain, Ivanka Trump

Maybe Princesses Meghan and  Ivanka should start a hair color company for nepotistic bleached blondes and manufacture the product in China.

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update co-anchor, Dan Aykroyd, opened every debate segment with, “Jane, you ignorant slut,” I, too, send out that greeting to Meghan and Ivanka, “Shut up, you ignorant sluts.”



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