The Naked Truth…

Mapped out my day yesterday.

No road trip, but mapped out the future of my sun splashed body.

It has been a year of biopsies and Mohs surgery so my dynamic dermatologist, Dr. Kristina Goldenberg, ordered me to head straight to Mt. Sinai Hospital and place myself under the very capable care of Dr. Ungar who rules the skin cancer domain with the imposing super robot, “Vectratron”.

The Vectra machine allows for easy, quick, accurate high-resolution total body photographic monitoring of my sun damaged physique.

The mapping takes three minutes to shoot and 20 minutes to process.

It is the latest technology in mole mapping. The 26 cameras are capable of photographing every spot on my exposed body.

It is pricy, but what’s a pair of Gucci sneakers compared to preventing a doomed dance with cancer.

I am posting about this as a public service so that others do not have to deal with the reality of a cancer diagnosis and the on trend Mohs surgery.

Mole Mapping is similar to a baseline mammogram, consisting of a 3D photographic record of body spots so that when you have your biannual or annual full body check you have a base of comparison.

Take the high road if you are vulnerable or just plain smart…wear a hat, cover up appendages and damn it, wear sunscreen with SPF 50 and above. Put on the sunscreen at least 1/2 hour before going outside.

Not only will you protect yourself against melanoma, but you will save on Botox, fillers and ultimately, a facelift.

I love the way I look with a tan, but that is no longer a reality what with the depletion of the ozone layer which has increased exposure to harmful UV rays and has made us all more susceptible to sunburn, age spots and skin cancer

The cold hard fact is that the FDA only began regulating sunscreen in 1978. 

SPF 50+ only showed up on shelves beginning in 2012.

I learned the hard way that unprotected sun exposure can ultimately have the sun set on a happy, healthy life.😎



  1. ellie lupo says:

    this is one scary but effective machine!!! am going thru multiple mohs surgeries on my legs funny since i have spent most of my life in a dance studio. guess it does not take much good luck to you and you are correct in the intense sun we get now !

    • Good luck with your Mohs surgeries. I can’t believe you got hit after decades spent inside in a dance studio!💜

  2. Thanks for letting us know. As always, spreading our love and best thoughts to you and your fabulous family.

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