The Journey To The Journey…

What a shitshow getting to the airport.

Firstly, the Uber we scheduled 2 days ago pinged Monday night and  stated that the driver would arrive in 2 minutes at precisely 8:10pm.

Then the ride disappeared.

I quickly ordered a Lyft which was supposed to arrive in 19 minutes and arrived 36 minutes later.

My inner clock was hemorrhaging.

We quickly found out that the Pacific Coast Highway was completely shut down due to an accident.

We had to get out of the Palisades and there were 100 cars ahead of us going down Chautauqua to get to the only open section of the PCH.

I need my CBD…hypertension beckoning.

We finally connect with the 10 freeway to the 405.

Traffic is heavy, but moving.

We arrive at LAX at 9:15pm and you cannot even get in the door of Terminal 2 there are so many people.

So much for late Monday night travel.

Everyone is wearing a mask, but little social distancing is being practiced.

At least 1000 people were in the plebeian line.

My original boarding pass did not have TSA Precheck. David’s did.

I called Delta and I kid you not the wait time for an agent was 8 hours and 15 minutes.

I hung on for 2 hours and gave up.

I did read the fine print in my email during my endless hanging on the telephone and found a text number.

90 minutes of back and forth and I was able to have Ryan reissue my boarding pass with my TSA Precheck.

Thank the lord because the regular line was 80 minutes to the front.

The TSA had about 50 people in line, but since we had Delta Priority we were diverted to another line and only had 2 people in front of us at the final security stop.

We had trouble finding a seat near the gate due to the heavy volume of travelers and now await our 11:15pm boarding.

Here’s hoping the actual flight is better than the preamble.

If you are flying in the near future, give yourself plenty of time.

The world has awakened from their Covid travel slumber.


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