The Hitchhiker…

After 37 years together I thought I knew just about everything about my husband.

Not so fast.

Saturday morning it was snowing heavily.

We were having breakfast at a local diner and I mentioned that rain was expected during the red carpet segment at The Golden Globes.

The horror of celebs having bad hair days sent fear into my heart.

After seeing the mostly hideous fashions and hairdos, rain would have been a blessing.

Anyway, stay with me and follow the random conversation.

My mention of the Golden Globes caused David to comment that he hasn’t seen Jack Nicholson in ages.

He wondered if he was well.

I said I had seen him in his seat on the floor during Laker games, looking rotound and happy.

He then segued to the classic film, Easy Rider.

David confessed to being a major movie buff since adolescence.

He then stated that in 1969, at the age of 17, he hitchhiked 1000 miles from Pretoria, South Africa to what was then Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) for the sole purpose of seeing the film, Easy Rider.

The motivation…the movie was banned in South Africa.

Being a concerned parent I asked what he told his parents. He admitted to being very vague and nonspecific and that was that.

I asked him it was worth the multiple car rides, potential danger and lengthy journey.

Admittedly, he thought the movie was a bummer when death consumed the main characters.

But, in retrospect, David enjoyed his weekend in Rhodesia with his buddy who lived there.

Live and learn.

Courtny, I would like totally kill you dead if you every hitchhiked even around the corner.

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