The Heat Is On…

Arthur Ashe Sculpture at South Gate Entrance

Day 3…the tennis players are literally burning up the courts. It was 90 degrees today with 100% humidity. Being outside all day long is enervating. I really don’t know how the players practice and compete in this heat, but that’s why they all have conditioning coaches and are prepared to play under any circumstances.

I am shocked by how expensive and lousy the food is. I would think that NY would step up to the plate and deliver some tasty treats. Hamburgers are $14 and pre-made, no more burritos…the Mexican restaurant is serving tortas which suck…a bread roll stuffed with pulled chicken or decapitated vegetables for $14. Fries are $6.50. Carnegie Deli pastrami sandwiches are $17 as are the Lobster rolls.

Player roll call today includes, Venus Williams in some stylin’ black and white work out pants practicing in public. Ana Ianovic patrolling the promenade…Ana is beautiful, tall, long legged…a real stunner. I watched the second set of American up and comer, Taylor Townsend who is 17 and took down the #11 qualifier in straight sets.

Taylor Townsend winning on Court 17

Maria Sharpova is trying to temporarily change her name during the Open to Maria Sugarpova in order to promote her gummy candy line, Sharapova asked the Florida Supreme Court for a ‘quickie” change that would start right before the Open and expire at tournament’s conclusion. It is a brilliant branding campaign. If the name change fails, it will still garner a bucket full of publicity. Will Roger Federer petition to change his name to Roger Rolex Gillette Mercedes Benz Lindt Nike Wilson Federer?!

Maria Sharapova practicing on Armstrong

Back to today’s happenings…Maria was practicing on Armstrong today. Forgive me, I have sinned, but Maria may be over Sugarpova’ing because I detected cellulite. After patrolling the grounds in shorts all day, I felt vindicated!

I am happy to report that there are plenty of retail therapy opportunities at the 2013 US Open…t-shirts, sweatshirts, racquets, and this year they are debuting high end, quality sweats and jackets…tennis and shopping, now that is a love match!

US Open Octagonal Retail Therapy

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