The Heat Is On…

It’s hot.

If you live anywhere in America you know that.

If you have the TV on you hear it over and over and over again.

The heat armegeddon has arrived.

The Republican environmental and climate plan makes me hot under the collar.

Here is their agenda for aiding climate control.

If the next president is a Republican the plan is for the Republican majority in Congress to continue to show they will stop at nothing to undermine environmental protections and attack anything that would help addressing the climate crisis.

An alliance of rightwing groups has crafted an extensive presidential proposal to bolster the heating oil and gas industry and hamstring the energy transition with plans to gut the office of Environmental Protection.

Against a backdrop of record-breaking heat and floods this year, the $22 million endeavor called, Project 2025, is conceived by the right wing, climate-denying think tank, the Heritage Foundation, which has ties to fossil fuel billionaire Charles Koch.

We all need to feel the heat and lower the temperature by denying any majority for the Republican Party that never seems to care about protecting Americans or the environment.

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